Monday, September 6, 2010

New day, new week, fathers day yesterday which is the end of my winter. Spoke to my father yesterday the second time this year must be a record for recently, Johnny and Mel where at his house miss them both. My son wants to come and visit after his birthday i will be down there for it and he wants to return with me for a week but i have tafe no transport and he can't stay with me me in the house that i am living in as it isn't appropiate then i wondered if he could come down for my graduation but it is to expensive for me to travel there and back there and back spent a lot of wasted sleep time last night trying to work it out so now it is time to hand it over to god to work out and let it happen as it must i think it is best if he comes and stays in the new year.

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  1. he could stay with me but woundn't he miss school. Think maybe the New Year Looks good. Pleased you spoke to your Dad.