Monday, September 13, 2010

It seems i only get back here every few days which is good as a don't normally have a lot to say
I went to a home church on Saturday night which was excellant the singing at the start was o'k as i didn't know the songs but will get used to that the message was delivered by a young man preaching for the first time and his message gave me a few things to think about
I have been wondering what to do once i leave rehab and what field to take my studies in as i am doing both disabilities and community services and i have been praying for some direction part of his message was that just do something as there is plenty to do and the path will be shown to me
It was also great to talk to people with out being asked how my rehab was going and if i was o'k and if i say that i am o'k being asked if i'm sure i'm ok
On sunday i went to my normal sunday service and that was delivered by Capt Bev i love listening to her as she is was ways passionate about what she says and believes what she says
I have been listening to Kari Jobe recently on youtube she has a great voice i will get some of her music soon
Today i did some painting and actually had some focus on what i was trying to achei ve which has been troubling me abit
anyway time to go for now back soon

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