Friday, October 22, 2010

It's been a few days now since i have been home and yesterday was the first day that i felt that i am sarting to settle down Thursdays are always one of my best days of the week i have bible study in the morning then art in the afternoon  and thursday night recovery church it gives me a boost for the whole week
the week i spent down in bundaberg wes great as i already said in my last post i have such a wonderful son who is turning into such a gentleman
I can't wait to be able to move to Bundaberg to be nearer to him and share in his growing up in a bit closer so I can be more involved
Mellisa is doing such a good job with him in my absence but i know at time she can do with the time out for her-self
The propects of having a fulfilling job / career is a bit daunting at times as it has been so long since i have had a passion for work but i seem to have a good balance at the moment even if i am still very sort of cash i am so very rich in other area's of my life at the moment that it almost dosn't rate with me all will be provided as required
I guess that's all for now back tomorrow

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